Highlights of 2013

In 2013, local youth connected with RAY’S PLACE board members and volunteers through various different clubs, a variety of workshops, including several Scholarship/Bursary presentations, and the Rent-A-Youth summer work program. Here are a few other highlights…

We kicked off the new year with Friday Evening Athletics Club and a Sunday Afternoon Game Club.To dissuade the appearances of becoming a youth drop-in centre or hang-out, our Study Site transformed into a ‘by appointment’ Study and Tutoring Centre . While still maintaining an open door policy to assist youth, we were highlighting our emphasis on education. Tutoring, by local volunteers, is now one of the biggest programs that we offer. In April, the board convened, and with the assistance of an outside professional, conducted an Evaluation Review and Strategy Session. This confirmed that we were on the right track and encouraged us to make some very positive changes to our organizational structure. Many of our clients, parent, youth and volunteers participated in the information gathering stages of this and we are grateful for their input.In May, the Scholarship Committee and Selection Review Board met and awarded two more scholarships.Late May and June was the kick-off for the Summer Work Program. As a testament to the development of the program, our history, and reputation, it did not take very long to have the program up and running. With more youth and clients involved then ever before, 2013 proved one of our most successful years to date. Congratulations to our youth!Summer workshops for youth includedSt. Johns Ambulance First-Aid training.On Canada Day we played and celebrated after the Mad River Duck Race. Several board members and volunteers chased yellow ducks downstream to award winners with $300, $100 and $50 prizes. This was a joint fundraiser with the originators of the event, the Creemore Legion.RAY’S PLACE was present and active at many events over the course of the year, including Miller’s Dairy Day, the Creemore Children’s Festival and the Copper Kettle Festival.

Back to school meant reconvening of our clubs. They included Photography, Running, Auto Restoration and Improv Classes.A series of Scholarship Workshops, developed and presented to youth preparing to graduate were held both in Creemore and at Collingwood Collegiate. These were attended by both parents and youth and included several professional guest speakers.